Strike Positions

Food Handling / Food Prep / Cooks / Dishwashers / Nutrition Services

Food Handling / Food Prep / Cooks / Dishwashers / Nutrition Services

Food Handling / Food Prep / Cooks / Dishwashers / Nutrition Services

Job Description

Experience in a healthcare setting is a must!



If you do not already have one… you will need to obtain on to fill one of these positions! To obtain this permit it takes about 1.5 hours for to complete the online modules and taking the test.  You can take it as many times as you need to to pass. Once you complete the online training and pass the test, you then move to the Payments page.  Once you enter your payment and the payment goes through… your card is available on the screen form for printing AND it is also emailed to you.  The cost is $10 and you are only charged once you pass the test.  The only credible site that is recognized by the State of Washington is


  • Assembles trays according to standards, assuring all items on the ticket (dup) are on the tray. Checks that plating guidelines and presentation standards have been followed.

  • Delivers meal trays to patient rooms, placing tray on bedside table within reach of the patient. (Exception: in critical care areas, locates nurse prior to delivery – only delivers if nurse requests and Isolation Rooms: places meal tray outside of patient’s room and notifies patient and nurse that the patient’s meal has arrived).

  • Delivers food orders to cash sales customers and processes transaction according to procedure. Records daily productivity on log and maintains acceptable delivery rate.

  • Consistently follows the GEL IN and GEL OUT procedure upon entry and exit of each patient room.

  • Consistently verifies patient’s name and birth date upon delivery of meal to patient room.

  • Orients patients and visitors to the A la Carte Dining Program using standard procedure.

  • Delivers tube feeding formulas to nourishment room, and puts away in cabinet or refrigerator as appropriate. Leaves dup with tube feeding formula. Returns all extra or expired tube feedings to kitchen and notify lead or supervisor.

  • Wipes down and sanitizes cart at end of shift and any time it becomes soiled.

  • Retrieves soiled meal trays from patient rooms if present when entering and places in soiled utility room on unit.

  • Completes assigned cleaning and stocking tasks. Practices FIFO when stocking.

  • Follows cash handling procedures and deposits cash receipts and cash at the end of shift. (FH & Ballard Only).

  • Completes and remains competent in all Diet Modules. Utilizes knowledge and available tools to assure tray accuracy.

  • Takes and records temperatures for refrigeration units, and concentration of sanitizer solution as assigned.

    Nutrition Services Clerk / Cashier

  • Receives patient and other customer food orders via telephone, fax, or pre-orders; enters orders accurately into the diet office computer system and sends them to the kitchen for delivery.

  • Repeats all orders back to patient/customer to assure accuracy. Prompts for condiments and beverages. Offers alternative items for non-compliant items. Avoids use of forbidden phrases.

  • Follows cash handling procedures for the diet office window maintaining cash accuracy.

  • Admits, discharges and transfers patient information from the hospital database to the diet office computer system.

  • Maintains accurate diet orders, patient records, and delivery information. Cross-checks and maintains tube feeding information.

  • Obtains patients’ pre-orders on units as assigned.

  • Completes clerical duties and data entry as assigned.

  • Completes and remains competent in all diet modules and Epic system. Utilizes knowledge and available tools to assist patients on modified diets with accurate food selections. Consults diet techs/RDs as needed.

  • Maintains patient confidentiality. Complies with HIPPA standards at all times.

  • Maintains inventory, orders and stock supplies for the diet office.

    Nutrition Services Sanitation

  • Scrapes, washes, rinses and sanitizes service ware, equipment and work area.

  • Handles, mixes, stores and uses chemicals safely and according to department standards.

  • Unloads soiled dishes from carts or conveyor belt.

  • Maintains separate clean and dirty areas. Washes hands when moving from area to area.

  • Takes temperatures of each dishmachine tank and water in the pots & pans sinks. Records temperatures on temperature log throughout the shift.


  • Consistently composts all food waste and compostable products.

  • Maintains correct water temperatures in all sinks.

  • Changes water every two hours.

  • Cleans pots, pans and utensils using basic cleaning techniques.

  • Cleans and sanitizes sinks, walls, counter, carts and garbage disposal daily.

  • Picks up dirty pans and utensils from A la Carte, retail and production soiled pan area regularly throughout the day.

  • Properly delivers to and stores clean pots and pans in designated storage areas throughout kitchen.


  • Assures water temperatures and levels are correct in all tanks of machine throughout shift following established sanitation standards.

  • Cleans machine after each meal period including screens, curtains and sprayer nozzles.

  • Loads and unloads machine using proper techniques so all surfaces are reached by power sprays.

  • Adds soap and rinse additive when indicated.

  • Cleans conveyor belts throughout the day.

  • Stores clean dishes, trays and glassware in established carts and delivers to designated areas.

  • Soaks soiled silverware before washing.

  • Follows proper silverware washing/sorting procedure.

  • Wraps silverware as assigned.

  • Washes and sanitizes all carts used.

  • Places paper tray mats on clean patient meal trays.


  • Sweeps and mops floors throughout shift. Mops up spills in any area utilizing wet floor signs.  Moves anything on wheels and sweeps and mops underneath.

  • Cleans and sanitizes floor drains daily.

  • Takes boxes to compactor regularly.

  • Reports problems or equipment in need of repair to lead or supervisor.

  • Cleans hoods as assigned.

  • Keeps soap and paper towels stocked at each hand sink. Stocks bonnets at each kitchen entrance.

  • Cleans employee bathrooms on daily basis (FH only).

  • Stocks bar towels for kitchen.


  • Using large clean enclosed utility cart, visits each nursing unit according to pick up schedule to pick up soiled trays.  Fills out backhauler log with times and number of trays picked up on each unit.

  • Carries and responds to a pager (First Hill only).

  • Returns carts of soiled trays in a timely manner to dishroom for sorting and washing.

  • Changes gloves and removes before leaving soiled utility room.

  • Consistently follows gel in and gel out procedures when entering and exiting soiled utility rooms.



Education Level

  • Required – H.S. Diploma or GED



  • Required – 1 year Customer service experience.

  • Experience in a healthcare environment is required.

  • Preferred 1 year food service experience.

  • Preferred Ten key and computer keyboard experience.


  • Must demonstrate the competency to safely and/or accurately operate a variety of equipment, including, but not limited to the following:

  • multiple-tank, flight-type commercial dishmachine, dish conveyor belt, soap dispensing equipment, garbage disposal, trash compactor, high pressure hose, silverware soak sink, three-compartment sink, dish dollies, booster heater, mop bucket (and at First Hill and Cherry Hill: floor scrubber, steam cleaner, wet vacuum, dry vacuum).

  • Ability to read, write, speak, and comprehend the English language at an 8th grade level.

  • Ability to interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, plating guidelines, and procedure manuals.

  • Ability to apply common sense understanding and carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagram form.

  • Ability to manage several tasks and set priorities in a high volume environment.


  • Current State of Washington Food and Beverage Service Worker’s Permit.