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5 Tips Nurses Should Use When Traveling – Travel Nurse Hacks Vol.1

5 Tips Nurses Should Use When Traveling – Travel Nurse Hacks Vol.1

5 Tips Nurses Should Use When Traveling – Travel Nurse Hacks Vol.1

  1. Our Nurses stay hydrated while saving money by never paying for water at the airport! This nurse-hack is awesome, and one that should be fundamental. How many of us are dying of thirst after passing through securities long lines? Most of us I am sure. Well we have a tip that is sure to make your airport hydration dreams come true!

    Tip: Since security won’t allow you through with any liquids, you should bring your empty workout water bottle or swell bottle, then fill it up after you pass through security. There are many restaurants and water fountains at airports so this should work out well for you.


  2. Make sure to only use “Private Browsing” to get cheap deals on flights! This is another great hack as most airlines have elegant websites that drop cookies in your browsers and track your online efforts in regards to purchasing airline tickets. The can tell if you are frequently checking flights, and then automatically raise the prices to create the “fear of missing out” – Nice try airlines, but our Nurses are smarter than that!

    Tip: You can do this by opening a private / incognito browser – Say goodbye to those websites tracking your every online move. Now you can combat their sneaky tracking efforts and save money getting the lowest price on airfare every time.


  3. It’s so simple, it just might work! Saving space in your luggage is paramount, if you’re a travelling Nurse, you’ll want to pack enough for your 13 week adventure. Here is a space saving hack that will help you on your way!

    Tip: Instead of folding your clothes nice and neat and losing space, roll up your clothes into small space saving tubes, this allows you to use every inch of your luggage and also wont really wrinkle your clothes. As a bonus tip, if you do have any wrinkles just toss a wet wash cloth in a dryer along with your clothes and the wrinkles will fall away!


  4. Travel Nurses never leave without their phones, so here is a “Powerful” tip that every Nurse should know. You can charge your electronic or mobile phones right from a TV!

    Tip: Most modern TVs have a USB port; many don’t seem to realize this when they are desperate to charge their phones in a pinch. Whether at Hotel, or our and about in town, you’re almost guaranteed to run into a smart TV, so keep your charging cords handy in backpack or handbag, and you’ll always have the power you need.


  5. Did you know you could make your own Airplane TV!? It’s true. One of the pet peeves of flying is that on long flights it can get boring fast and most Nurses will turn to browsing on their phone or watching a movie that they saved to their tablet or mobile device.

    Tip: You can use a simple sandwich bag to hold your phone / mobile device and hand it on the little clip that is on the seat in front of you. They you will have a hands free TV. Bonus points for poking a hole in the side of the bag for your ear phones / use Bluetooth ear buds or Beats by Dre ear phones, whatever floats your boat… eh… whatever fly’s your plane? You get the idea…