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Benefits of a Travel Nurse

Benefits of a Travel Nurse

If you are on this blog then I am assuming that you have an idea of what a Travel Nurse is. If not, you can check out my other blog to get a clearer idea of this type of profession.

To briefly explain, a travel nurse is a nursing professional who travels to different states hired by employers to serve temporary employment. This is done in hospitals or any other healthcare facilities that are understaffed for a duration of time.

But what makes a travel nurse a lucrative job?

Here are the benefits of a Travel Nurse.

Travel Across the Country

The best thing about being a travel nurse is the chance to travel across the country. You will learn about different places and their cultures. There’s something about discovering new things, gaining new knowledge without having even to travel to another country.

Professional Growth

Every location has a different experience that you will learn from. Growth in your profession is inevitable because you will gain new skills that can eventually help you reach your goal in your career.

Every job you take provides a continuing education thus enhancing what you already know and also giving new information that is significant to your profession.

The more experience you gain, the better you do at your job. And the better you do at your job, the higher chance of getting recommended to other opportunities.

Great Benefits

  • Reimbursements
    Your travel expenses will be reimbursed when transferring from one job to another
  • Healthcare
    Agencies provide health insurance to travel nurses
  • Bonuses
    There are two types of bonuses that travel nurses will acquire. The first one is hospital-bonuses and the other is agency-added bonuses. For more info about this click here.
  • Deals and discounts
    Travel nurses have either free or discounted housing. It all depends on the agency.

A Flexible Schedule

Agencies can provide options for travel nurses. In these options, they can choose their own schedule. Meaning, they can work as much as they want or less.

Higher Pay

Travel nurses are in high demand, especially on specific cities. The reason for this is because hospitals need them for any understaffed employees. The hospitals offer a premium wage to travel nurses because they want to hire as quickly as possible with the right skill set and experience.

The pay does vary between cities. Here is a list of the highest travel nurse pay as of 2020:

Excerpt from

LocationHourly WageAnnual Salary
Stanford, California$55.43$115,293
Vail, Colorado$52.47$109,132
New York City, New York$51.35$106,799
Seattle, Washington$51.00$106,074
Boston, Massachussetts$50.70$105,464
Sitka, Alaska$49.87$103,720
Washington, D.C.$49.48$102,912
Anchorage, Alaska$48.58$101,036
Minneapolis, Minnesota$48.09 $100,036
Chicago, Illinois$48.06 $99,956

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