What are the benefits of working with InSync?

Other than we are really cool to work with and our company name sounds like a 90’s boy band.

Medical Benefits

Sign up for Medical benefits on your 1st day of employment with InSync and be covered the 1st of the month following your start date. We give you options that fit you best. Now wasn’t that easy?

Health Savings Account (HSA)

InSync offers our employees a HSA. What is an HSA?
A Health Savings Account, or HSA, is an individually-owned account used to save and pay for qualified medical expenses.

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan

We all look forward to turning in our work clothes for that tacky Hawaiian shirt or Muumuu and retiring. InSync offers a fully customizable EMPLOYER MATCHING retirement plan that allows you to put pre-tax dollars away for that magical day! Please contact a recruiter for more information.

Dental Plan

Have to keep those pearly whites sparkling bright. You will have the coverage you need with InSync.

Vision Plan

If you can read this without glasses, you probably don’t need the vision plan, but it’s nice to know we offer it.

Life Insurance

You never know what life has planned for you. Our life insurance benefit is there when its needed.

Critical Illness Insurance

While we hope you never need to use it, it’s nice to know that you have it available to you.

Weekly Pay, Direct Deposit, & Paycard Options

We have all the options you want. It’s almost like we want to throw money at you.

Continuing Education Benefits

Continuing your education has a number of benefits for your future, including better employment options and growth opportunities.

Working Advantage Program

InSync offers crazy discounts on amusement parks, movie tickets, hotels, museums, zoos, aquariums, Broadway shows, sporting events, shopping and more.

Identity Theft Protection & Recovery Plans

We all hear the ads on the radio, now you can finally pull the trigger and secure your identity and know your personal information is safe.

Top Pay & Travel Reimbursement

The InSync team works hard and kicks butt to negotiate the very best contracts in the industry. We are the best at getting you the highest pay and most reimbursements as possible.

24/7 Payroll and HR Access

Everyone knows that “Stuff” happens at the craziest times. You have 24/7 access to all your HR/Employment/Payroll information when you need it.

Referral Bonuses

We have a fantastic referral bonus program. Most companies have a program, but ours is awesome and can pay you up to $2080.00 per referral.

InSync has been a true “Partner” in every aspect over the last 5 years. The InSync staff continuously steps up when needed and goes above and beyond the call of duty. We would not be to provide the high level of customer support that we provide to our clients if it was not for InSync and their efforts

InSync is an AMAZING company to work with. I have been a CNA traveler with InSync for over 2 years now and they have always secured the best travel contracts for me. They have always put a fantastic compensation package together for me and have gone above and beyond for me when I needed it.

We’re here for you! Call us at (888) 641-3444 or Email us today!

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