This page has the details of an upcoming strike in

Seattle, WA


Update 10/21/2019

We are still waiting for more details on the exact date of the strike. It’s looking like it’s probably still at least a month or so away. There is still time to get on our list to call. We will be reaching out to all that have applied and notifying you as we get more info. Hope you are enjoying the Fall season!

Temporary Strike Replacement Worker Positions

InSync Strike Support is experienced in providing (Strike Replacement Workers) to companies preparing for labor contract negotiations. We execute effective crisis labor solutions across numerous industries and in many situations. We are preparing for an upcoming strike (collective bargaining agreement expiration) and need to identify key Replacement Workers during the work stoppage (strike) that is upcoming in the greater Seattle area. We will have over 700 positions to fill in the near future! The pay is excellent! You don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

Compensation: $350 - $500 per shift (5 shifts per week) - Transportation, Lodging, & Meals will be provided at NO COST TO YOU.

We are looking for the following types of Replacement Workers:

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For information about the upcoming strike in Spokane, WA click HERE

Strike FAQ

What is a strike?

This is a work stoppage put on by the unions at the facility.  These are set up in advance for various reasons with various lengths.  This particular work stoppage is still uncertain, but we are asking candidates be available for up to 5 days in order to provide adequate coverage.

When is the strike taking place?

The expected date is still unknown. We do know that there have been negotiations going on but until the 10-Day strike notice is file…we do not know the exact dates. We will communicated more info as well get it and we will update this page as well.

Can I drive myself to the work site?

InSync will be providing all lodging and transportation during the work stoppage.  This will ensure that there are no out of pocket costs for the candidates, as well as all shifts are attended on time.  We will be having an induction in the Seattle, WA area where candidates will be checked in and taken by bus/shuttle to the hotels and then work sites.

What will happen at the induction?

At the induction, you will be checked in by an InSync staff member and given any pertinent additional information required.  We will also be completing an onsite drug test, as well as a blood draw for immunizations. After all is completed, all the workers will be taken to the strike location for a one day orientation before the work is to begin.

Where is the strike being held?

The next upcoming strike is in negotiations at a location in Seattle, WA

Will I be able to pick my shift?

InSync will be scheduling all shifts according to the needs of the facilities.  Candidates are required to be flexible and be able to work the shift assigned to them.  Shift times are varied depending on the position you are covering. Some can start as early as 4am.

What happens if the strike is called off?

If the strike is called off prior to the induction date, all candidates will be notified of the situation and should the strike be called back on, we will reach out again.  Once candidates have arrived to the hotel/work site, should the work stoppage get cancelled, InSync will notify all workers and provide transportation back to the original induction site.

Do I have to commit to all the days needed?

Yes.  All candidates will be required to be available for the full amount of time required for the work stoppage.

How do I get of copy of my health/immunization records in the state of Washington?

Follow the detailed instructions by clicking HERE.


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